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Thursday, 26 May 2016

The Desk

Here's where I work. It's also the place where all the lost and out of vogue pictures from our little house come to die. (Some good ones in there still, of course.) Anyway - I saw online that people were posting pictures of their workspace, and everyone goes and tidies their desk before they take the shot. Not me. Here on the left is a pile of unsorted papers. There's admin and drawings and stuff I still need to scan all lumped together. I'm okay with the pile. One day in about six months time I'll sort through it and find those biscuits I'm missing.

Then there in the middle is my built in lightbox. Built right into my desk like some sort of magic. (I damaged a nerve in my finger cutting the hole for it. I'm still deciding if it was all worth it.) Then of course the two mugs - one fresh, one old. My wacom tablet. My lamp. My old Logitec speakers. It's a good mess.

Monday, 28 September 2015

Morris' drawing

Kids who've read my books often send me drawings of some of their favourite characters. Here's Morris' picture - inspired by reading Penguin's Hidden Talent. It's a pretty great drawing. I love his mean shark especially. It looks as though Morris has already figured out what his talent is.