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Thursday, 24 May 2012

The South African Alphabet alphabet book

The South African Alphabet started out as a poster a few years ago - now it's become an alphabet book for kids (due to be published in less than a week) and will soon after that be a pocket-sized guide to all things iconically South African called From Aardvark to Zuma - published by Penguin South Africa. They turned out really well.

Here's a bit of mind-bending trivia for you - both the English and Afrikaans books share the same images. So each illustration in the book (and there are two per letter) had to start with the same letter in both languages. Somehow it worked. I'm not sure how.

(Oh, and for a little while at least, I will be selling signed A3 copies of The South African Alphabet poster - click here to go to my website where you'll discover more details.)

1 comment:

pneu said...

What beautiful books! You must be very proud, and I hope they sell like...hmm, what's the SA version of 'hotcakes'? Pannekoeken? :)